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    Kuşadası Golden Güvercin Festival

    The Golden Güvercin Songwriting Contest, which is the only traditional music contest in Türkiye in the field of pop music, is being organized continuously for more than 30 years.  The contest, which is organized in July every year, has a great importance as it introduces valuable names to the Turkish pop scene. The event, which turned into a festival thanks to various concerts, activities and shows through the competition, offers a musical feast with different artists.

    Yörük Ali Efe Stories and Folklore

    The heroic stories of the Efes of Aydın, especially Yörük Ali Efe, the secret heroes of the national struggle, who contributed greatly to the victory of the National Resistance, have a special place. You can listen to the stories of Yörük Ali Efe, one of the greatest heroes of the war, the symbol of the struggle and the folk hero born in Sultanhisar. It is absolutely necessary to listen to Yörük Ali Efe folk song of Aydın.

    You can go on a historical journey by listening to the stories of the ancient city of Miletus, the Temple of Apollo in Aydın, which stands out with its rich historical and cultural heritage, and the mythological stories conveyed throughout history.

    You can experience your Aydın journey with different emotions by listening to the sounds of birds in Kuşadası and the National Park, the sounds of music spreading around and enlivening the night from the venues in Barlar Street, the sound of the waves on the beaches moving with the wind blowing in the afternoon, and the sounds of boats in the marina and bays.