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  • 10 vibes for Aydın

    like locals

    The Ancient City of Aphrodisias, dedicated to the name of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, welcomes its visitors with its magnificent splendour. The ancient city, which has survived in a well-preserved form with its monumental structures, is famous for its stadium and monumental temple gate. It was also an important sculpture school in its period due to the marble beds available. You can see in the Aphrodisias Museum the first photographs of the city, which were unearthed by the coincidental discovery of the famous photographer Ara Güler, and visit the valuable artifacts found in the ancient city.

    The Dilek Peninsula National Park, which is a natural wonder of Aydın, under protection, attracts great attention from local and foreign visitors. The city's different bird species, rich plant diversity and beautiful natural scenery are worth seeing. The local people of Aydın are aware that the Dilek Peninsula is a magnificent wealth for the city, and they enjoy its beauty.

    Kuşadası is one of Türkiye's most important tourism centres. Sandy beaches meeting the cool waters of the Aegean and exquisite bays where boats roam increase the attraction of this port city. Those who want to cool off in the hot summer months, especially those coming from İzmir, flock to the beaches in weekend getaways. In Kusadasi, which has the climate where you can swim in three seasons of the year, blue cruises can be made to the bays with boats departing from the Marina. You can take pleasant breaks in front of the city view in Güvercinadası. You can benefit from entertainment alternatives in Bars Street, which gets lively in summer evenings.

    Didim, one of the popular holiday resorts of Türkiye, is preferred with its clean water and sandy beaches. Especially Altınkum Beach coastline is filled with those who want to enjoy the sun and the sea. The marina, which is a frequent destination for yachts, awaits those who want to take a trip to the blue waters.

    The city of philosophers, the Ancient City of Milet and the Miletus Museum welcome their visitors with valuable artifacts. Trailles, which are the symbols of the rich cultural history of the city, each of which is of special importance and the ancient cities of Alinda and Alabanda, continue to exist together with today's culture living on the land it was founded on.

    Aydın people, who spend time in the cool air of the highlands in the summer, enjoy oxygen with fresh air on the mountain slopes. Many people stay in highland houses and live a tranquil life away from the city. In highlands such as Madran, Pasha and Kahvearası Highland, you can spend time alone with nature and experience the lifestyle of the local people. You can go on a boat trip for about 2 hours to discover the magnificent beauty of Arapapıştı Canyon.

    Old Doğanbey Village is an old Greek village famous for its restored old stone houses and streets. Artists and writers live in the village, which is a place frequented by authentic life. In Doğanköy, an ecological village with natural possibilities, you can experience the local culture where calm and simple life prevails.

    Yenipazar, which stands out with its calm life, tranquility, sheltered culture and traditions, like other cities included in the Cittaslow network, has an atmosphere away from the chaos of modern life. The warm welcome of the people and their friendly approach affect the foreign visitors who come to the village. You can visit Yörük Ali Efe Museum in the centre, Orthosia Ancient City, which is the first settlement of the district, and Dipsiz Lake.

    Aydin's importance in the National Struggle is very significant. You can listen to the locals’ stories of national warfare and the struggle of folk heroes, handed down from generation to generation. The song named after Yörük Ali Efe, one of the most prominent of these, and the Zeibek are also a part of this culture.

    Bafa Lake is an ideal place for those who are interested in bird watching. Once connected to the sea by the Gulf of Latmos, the region enabled the establishment of the ancient city of Heraklia. It is one of the rare places where nature and history intertwine. You can get advice from local guides to fully enjoy the magnificent region from both sides.

    The Ancient Latmos Mountains, today known as the Beşparmak Mountains, is a region where sacred journeys were made in the past. You can get the feeling of traveling in time while wandering around the Latmos Rocks, which is a unique place with interesting rock formations on its skirts, prehistoric rock paintings, monasteries and frescoes thereof. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the city at the point where Yediler Monastery, a place of retreat and worship, is located.

    As a reflection of the richness of the cultural past of the people of Aydın, Pide, which can be found in many places in Türkiye, has a different taste produced by the hands of chefs from Aydın. You can taste pita baked in wood fire in local places. Even though Keşkek is a ceremonial meal, it is made by local people on many special occasions. The tradition of Keşkek, which reflects the direction of helping Turkish culture from past to present, can be experienced in Aydın. On special occasions such as weddings and similar occasions, it is still prepared collectively. Pasha pastry is a pastry that appeals to the senses in terms of both taste and presentation. You should definitely try the olive oil dishes made with different herbs grown in the mild climate. If you want to use your preference for healthier menus, there are different options such as roasted kedirgen, hibiscus and soleirolia. You should try the snow halva, which is prepared by using the stored snow from the snow wells, which were filled with snow by the villagers during winter. The snow is seasoned with molasses or fruit syrup in summer, and is an interesting taste. You can listen to its preparation from the villagers in Madran Plateau. Do not leave without trying the pumpkin dessert, which is known for its regional preparation.