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    Aydın has a diverse cuisine culture with its rich cultural heritage and the influence of the historical civilizations. It provides its visitors the opportunity to taste a wide range of delicious meat dishes, olive oil dishes made from local herbs, special desserts, and quality agricultural products.

    Fig and Olive

    Aydın, which deserves the saying “Oil flows from its mountains and honey from its highlands”, is a city generous in treating its guests with its local products grown in its fertile lands and plains. Considered one of the best quality figs in the world, geographically marked Aydın figs are a delicious type of fig that can be consumed both fresh and dried depending on the season. It is possible to find products of dried figs presented in different forms in sales stores in the city centre and in local markets of Aydın. Fresh figs can be purchased from roadside farmers or local farmers' markets during your trip to Aydın at the beginning of summer.

    Olive, the symbol of the Mediterranean climate and civilization, is among the important agricultural products of Aydın. Olive has been an important element of human culture throughout history with its trees that live for many years, its benefits to human health, and being an important trade product. 

    Additionally, Sultanhisar strawberries, which preserve their freshness from soil to table, and chestnuts grown in the green plateaus and mountain slopes of Aydın are among the original products.


    It is possible to taste the varieties of pide, which is one of the important tastes of Turkish cuisine, with cheese, minced meat, cheese, egg and sesame varieties, prepared by master hands in wood fire, especially in Yenipazar, Karacasu and Bozdoğan districts.


    Keşkek, which is a ceremonial dish of Turkish culture, is a meal made collectively on special occasions such as weddings, circumcision, and charity in Aydın. Keşkek, one of the oldest traditions of Anatolia, has been kept alive in the district of Karacasu for more than 700 years through the Dedebağ Keskek charity.

    Paşa Böreği

    Paşa Böreği is a pastry, which is a special flavour that should be tasted when you come to Aydın. It is prepared by flavouring the dough with meat juice, adding the ingredients mixture of ground beef, pine nuts, parsley and spices. Served with butter and strained yoghurt, Paşa Böreği, which appeals to both the eyes and the palate, is among the delicacies that must be tasted.

    Dishes with Local Herbs

    The healthy dishes prepared with the mild taste of olive oil and various local herbs grown in the mild climate of Aydın, have a special place. Aydin offers a rich variety of olive oil and herb dishes such as meadow foxtail roasting, made with cedar grass and leek, decorated with yoghurt; stinging nettle roasting, in which stinging nettle is served plain or with an egg; soleirolia, which resembles dill and grows abundantly in Aydın, is prepared with olive oil; also, cowpea, chard roasting, hibiscus roasting, purslane meal, are all dishes prepared with the local olive oil.

    Do not complete your Aydin trip without tasting pumpkin dessert, the halva prepared with snow stored from winter and flavoured with molasses or fruit syrups in summer; Çine Köfte, the famous taste of Çine district; pine honey from the essence of pine trees, fragrant citrus varieties, and various seafood grown in deep blue seas.