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  • 48 hours

    in Aydın

    First Day

    You can enjoy the sea and the sun at many points, especially Kuşadası and Didim, in Aydın, which offers a pleasant sea holiday with its magnificent deep blue sea, blue flag certified beaches and unique bays. It is possible to accommodate in many touristic facilities that offer high quality service and appeal to different tastes, around the most beautiful beaches. You can have breakfast in the restaurants in the city centre and then drink traditional Turkish coffee or tea. Kadınlar Beach, Güzelçamlık, Pigale, Güvercinadası beaches, Altınkum, Akbük and Tavşanburnu beaches, which you can easily access from the city centre, are the main beaches where you can enjoy the cool and clean waters.

    Güvercinadası, which gave its name to Kuşadası and where Güvercinada Castle is located surrounded by high walls, should be one of the first points to visit. Here you can enjoy the view of the city, take a break and take beautiful photos.

    An Aydın trip cannot be imagined without Dilek Peninsula Büyük Menderes Delta National Park, which is under protection and is a natural wonder. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the lush nature and clear waters, and to observe the rich plant diversity and migratory bird species. You can participate in different sports activities in the national park or spend a peaceful time enjoying the view from the Observation Terrace.

    You should definitely visit the Zeus Cave, which is located very close to the entrance of the National Park, which is rumoured, that Zeus had taken a bath in its waters.

    You can explore Kuşadası and Didim through underwater diving and spend an exciting day with surface sports. You can join the boat tours departing from the port, and travel to the bays and enjoy the serenity on the blue waters.

    You should definitely see Didyma, the prophecy centre of its time, and the ruins of its famous temple, the Temple of Apollo.

    In Kuşadası Marina, Kuşadası Port and Didim Marina, you can watch yachts and boats sailing in blue waters and the magnificent view at sunset.

    You can take advantage of entertainment opportunities in Aydın's colourful and lively nightlife and spend an evening full of music in the Kuşadası Bars Street. In addition, Kuşadası offers a wide range of products to its visitors with different shopping opportunities. You can buy leather products, jewellery, traditional carpets and rugs, decorative objects from the shops in the centre. 

    You can learn about the rich history of the region while strolling through the ruins of the ancient cities of Alinda and Alabanda, which are very close to each other. You can add a trip to your route to the Ancient City of Trailles, which attracts attention with its Gymnasium known as “Üç Gözler”.

    You should definitely see Lake Bafa, which is the largest lake in the Aegean Region and a bird watching area that hosts different bird species. You can witness the magnificent combination of nature and history together with the historical beauties around it. You can explore Latmos Rocks, a unique place with interesting rock formations, rock paintings, monasteries, and frescoes. At the point where Yediler Monastery is located, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

    You can taste the main dishes of Aydın such as Pasha Pastry, Pitae, Keskek and olive oil herb dishes such as Kedirgen Roasting, Soleirolia and Mallow in local businesses.

    Snow Halva, a flavor unique to Aydın and prepared with snow stored in snow wells and fruit syrup to be poured on it, will make you feel cool in hot weather. You should definitely try Pumpkin Dessert, one of the special desserts of the city.

    You can buy Aydın figs, a registered product that grows on its fertile soils and can be consumed fresh and dry, from local village markets and stores with different presentations. You can buy different varieties of olives, the symbol of health, from local producers and businesses in the centre in Aydın.

    Second Day

    You can visit Old Doğanbey Village, an old Greek village, famous for its restored old stone houses and streets, and experience the local culture dominated by a calm and simple life. Here you can enjoy breakfast at sea in front of the Greek islands.

    You can visit the ancient city of Miletus, the city where the Greek mathematician Thales was born, and you can see the artifacts in the Miletus Museum.

    Ilyas Bey Kulliye, located in Balat Village and awarded with its restoration project, Öküz Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai located in the centre of Kuşadası and used as accommodation facility, Cihanoğlu Mosque with its Baroque style architecture, Old Çine Ahmet Gazi Mosque with its large-scale dome are among other cultural landmarks that can be visited during your trip.

    You can visit the magnificent ruins of the Ancient City of Aphrodisias, which is in the World Heritage List and dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and you can visit valuable artifacts in the Aphrodisias Museum.

    When you come to Karacasu, in ceramic workshops you can experience the making process of Karacasu Pottery, of which reputation has spread outside the country. You can buy many ceramic products for use and decoration from the market.  You can visit the Karacasu Ethnography Museum, where artifacts of ceramics, hot iron, leather and other handicrafts from past to present are exhibited. 

    You can go to Madran Highland in Bozdoğan with its lush green nature and clean air or to Pasha Highland in Efeler, which is closer to the centre, and take a break in a calm and peaceful environment.

    You should definitely visit Arapapıştı Canyon, which is located at the intersection of the three important cities of Türkiye, namely, Muğla, Aydın, and Denizli, and which stands out with the waters of Akçay and offers beautiful natural views. You can take a boat tour along the curved paths of the river or take a mountain hiking where you can see Körteke Castle and ancient ruins on the way.

    You can visit Yenipazar district, one of the cities included in the Cittaslow network, and spend time away from the noise of the city with the warm greetings of the local people. You can visit Yörük Ali Efe Museum, and Orthosia Ancient City, which is the first settlement of the district, and Dipsiz Lake.

    Taking advantage of the thermal spring facilities, you can relieve the tiredness of the day and recover health in thermal waters. Resting in the mineral-rich waters of the Alangüllü Thermal Springs located in the Buharkent Thermal Tourism region and in the district of Germencik or in the Davutlar Thermal Springs in Kuşadası will be very beneficial for your body and your spirit.

    During your trip to Aydın, do not forget to listen to the heroic stories of the Efes, the symbol of the city, to watch the Zeibek folk dance, which is a dance form expressing the nobility of the Efes, and to buy traditional handicrafts such as needle lace.